Nectar collectors or dab straws, or sometimes spelt wrong as nector collector, has become more and more popular in the cannabis community, for they are not only cheaper to buy than most of the oil rigs on the market, but they offer us a new way of dabbing without using a quartz banger, carb cap and other dab tools, so it's one solution to complex dabbing for new dabbers that just learned about dabbing and want to start with something less complicated. The basic design of a Nectar Collector should reduce waste, too, as it allows you to control exactly how much you are vaporizing.


Nectar collector usually consists of three parts: the straw, the tip, the body. The straw is used as a removable mouthpiece to inhale vapor. Since it’s technically a water pipe, dab straws usually come with percolators. The tip, similar to a dab nail, is usually made of glass, titanium or quartz—quartz will always provide the best flavor! The body can be a straight tube or a tube with a chamber that contain a concentrate dish inside.


The use of nectar collector is not as complex as you imagine. Use a torch to heat up the nectar collector titanium tip. Let the tip cool for 15-30 seconds, which is a good starting point for nectar collectors, but you’d better do a little testing to get the perfect temperature. And then place your mouth over the straw and inhale while you dip or lightly touch the heated tip to your waiting concentrates. Simply pull the tip away from your concentrates when you have had enough.


NC also come in different materials from glass, to silicone, to quartz. The different materials will definitely make a big difference in efficiency and ease of cleaning as well. Glass nectar collector is the most common one. If you're sick of babying your delicate glass nectar collector kit, look no further than our unbreakable Silicone Nectar Collector. This collection also covers an electric nectar collector that makes your dabbing simpler. Electric dab straw is gaining popularity as it’s user-friendly to novice. 

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