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Lava Lamp Bong

Lava Lamp Bong

  • Tuesday, 23 November 2021
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When it comes to a lava lamp bong, most of our memories are something mystical and magical. You can imagine walking in a dark room with a lava lamp casting a catchy display of colorful lights.

The Lava Lamp dab rig has a unique conical shape, just like a lava lamp. And its internal percolator also has the same conical shape. The shape of the lava bong can impress you and your friends. It is really worth a try! Now, lets walk into the world of the lava lamp bong and learn more about it.

Lava Lamp bong for sale:

Highlights of the lava lamp dab rig:

· Showerhead percolator for a cleaner smoking experience.

· Combines the best attributes of glass and silicone to produce a product with superb functionality.

· Extremely portable and discreet!

· Splashguard at the top to prevent bong water from reaching your mouth. 

· Easy to disassemble and clean.

· High quality silicone and glass confers durability.


What is a lava lamp water bong?

The lava lamp bong is just a bong that has an almost psychedelic display of colors added to the glass. It is shaped like a lava lamp. But it looks similar to a beaker bong.  This stemless bong has a fixed stem coming from an upright "banger hanger" style joint, feeding directly into the bottom of the Psychedelic Lava Lamp Bong. This is an amazing lava lamp style glass bong. Stands sturdy at about 8 inches and comes with a glass bowl. The weed bong has a 14mm female joint and is made of thick quality glass. The Lava Lamp bong has just the right amount of color to make this rig pop! Lava lamps bongs come in different shapes and styles. 

How dose a lava lamp bong work?

The lava lamp has the same function just like your regular bong. It has a bowl and downstem at the side, with a wide beaker type base for adding water. What’s good about most lava lamp bongs is that the small beaker base allows you to hold it in your hand as you light up the bowl.

The piece is equipped with a showerhead percolator inside the chamber which can cool and filter your smoke. With such a powerful showerhead percolator, you can get hits that are smooth and flavored.

The lava bong is extremely small and portable to transport. Its flat base confers stability while the high-quality materials make this glass bong long-lasting. As each item is handmade, colors may slightly vary.

Some lava lamp bongs come with percs in them as well as a fixed stem. Most lava lamps connect the perc to the downstem rather than have them suspended above the base like other perc bongs. What this does is it allows you to add more water to the bong for better cooling and filtration.



Lava lamp bongs are novelty bongs that you can have fun using. If you love the style of lava lamps then the lava lamp water bong can be a great gift for yourself or a friend.

It’s a vintage way of smoking. It is sure to bring you back to the smoking days of your childhood or 70’s era of smoking. Just note that there is no wire or bulb inside the lava lamp bongs, despite its name. If you see a lava lamp bong that has wirings in it, it’s definitely not for smoking.

 Do you have such a cool lava bong? Please share pictures in our comment section? Also, don’t forget to check out our bong collection. We may not have lava bongs in our store, but we do have other fun bongs. We also have other special and high quality bongs that you’re going to love. More details, please contact us at wd420glass. 

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