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The Top 6 Best Big Glass Bongs for Sale in 2021

The Top 6 Best Big Glass Bongs for Sale in 2021

  • Saturday, 06 November 2021
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If you are a heavy smoker and like to buy big glass bongs, you should read this blog very carefully. In this blog, we will introduce the top 6 best big glass bongs for sale in 2021. With the global market booming, more and more people fall in love with the dabbing. For getting a great smoking experience, most of the people will have troubles in choosing the bongs or dab rigs. For these people who love smoking, you deserve the best! Therefore, through researching the customers who buy our product, we summarize the top 6 best big water pipes that have been received great positive reviews. And we list the top 6 best big bongs that can guide you to buy the right and good big bongs.


How to choose the best big bongs for you?

In order to list the following 6 big water pipes, we refer to the price, quality, the function of the percolator and the appearance. For those who like using the big glass bongs, this article is very valuable.


The following are some aspects how weve decided to analyze each big bong for you





Brief Desicription

Top 6 Best Big Bongs in 2021

You will not need to go through the internet searching for the highest quality big bongs designed with thickest glass and most original shape-- we have listed right here!

You can choose the big bongs from the simple or complex percolator according your personal preference. Find the best big bongs for sale below:

Top 1: 20 inch Mushroom-Jellyfish Perc Glass Cheap Bong

Height: 20 inch

Perc: Mushroom-Jellyfish Perc

Highlight: Thick glass round base, straight neck,extremely tall and huge

Material: thick boro glass

Brief Description: Standing 20 inches tall, the glass bong is equipped with a vortex tunnel and Mushroom-Jellyfish Perc. The big glass bong is designed with an 18mm female joint at the top of the fixed downstem and includes a transparent funnel-shaped smoking bowl. Whats more, The 20 inch cheap bong is made from premium thick glass. Most important, it is one of the biggest bongs of our products. It really deserves a try.

Top 2: Big Double "Zong" Designed Bong Spiral Tube Heady Glass Bubbler

Height: 17 inch

Perc: spiral perc

Highlight: unique Zong design, green bong, a removable diffused downstem

Material: heady boro glass

Brief Description: The 17 heady glass bubbler has a unique and delicate design. You will be overwhelmed by the double Zong design which is full of aesthetic value. Its spiral perc and the beaker base provide a longer traveling path for smoke to pass through. Inside the longer traveling passage, you can see some diffused smoke wondering in a slow speed.

Top 3: 16 Inch Double Tree Perc Water Pipe W/ Blue Bubble Base

Height: 16 inch

Perc: Double 4 arm tree percolator

Highlight: double bubble base, a removable diffused downstem, ice pinch (ice catcher)

Material: heady boro glass

Brief Description: What an amazing bong it is! The piece features a double 4 arm tree percolator inside to diffuse the smoke. And, it comes with a double bubble base for bigger space and a standout appearance. For giving you a cool hit, it is equipped with a 3-pinches catcher. If you want to use a glass bong with multiple percs, the 16 inch water pipe is worth a shot.

Top 4: Black Hourglass Gravity Bong Filp 360-Degree Rotating Glass Hookah

Height: 15 inch

Highlight: 360 degree rotating, male hookah bowl, adapter

Material: borosilicate glass spheres and aerospace-grade anodized aluminum

Brief Description: The 15 inch hourglass gravity bong flip, a sophisticated and elegantly designed 360 degree rotating glass hookah, activated by kinetic energy generated by cascading water displacement, reverse airflow technology and natural gravity. If you have one such bong, I believe you will fall in love with it.

 Top 5: 14 Inch Black Thorny Rose and Fumed Skull Ice Bong

Height: 14 inch

Highlight: removable diffuese downstem, 3D hand painting, Thorny rose and fumed skull design

Material: 5mm thick durable glass

Brief Description: The 14 inch thorny rose and fumed skull bong comes with a huge herb bowl and a removeble diffused downstem that can filter your favorite flowers. Its eye-catching design, polished blown glass and unique shape make the bong be a conversation piece and a centerpiece for any collector. If you want to get a wonderful hit from big bongs, please do not hesitate to buy it.

Top 6: 12 Inch Octopus Bong 8 Arms Chandelier Glass Recycler Water Pipe 

Height: 12 inch

Perc: 8 separate arms recycler

Highlight: bent neck,  thick bottom

Material: clear scientific glass

Brief Description: Made from durable clear glass, the chandelier recycler dab rig comes with 8 separate arms that can filter and recycle your vapor for a good dabbing experience. And its bent neck design acts as a splash guard that can prevent inhaling water. Nice 12 inch bong, you deserve it.


Different people value different points when he or she purchases big bongs. Some people want to buy the cheap one, some people like to buy the multiple filters and cool bongs, while others prefer to purchase the high quality and has great function bongs. Regardless of which big bong you like, you can buy one suitable on WD420 Glass website. 

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