Cheap Clear Glass Recycler Bong Honeycomb-Inline Perc Dab Rig Sidecar Bubbler Waterpipe

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WD420 Glass
  • Cheap Clear Glass Recycler Bong Honeycomb-Inline Perc Dab Rig Sidecar Bubbler Waterpipe

    This unique recycler bong is well designed to allow for maximum diffusion, resulting in great-tasting, smooth vapor each dab session. After heating your concentrates, the vapor moves into the water chamber. The first percolator stereo matrix begins the filtration process as the vapor passes through the multiple slits. Then, it moves into the water chamber, which also cools down the vapor. The vapor also passes through the honeycomb percolator, which adds another round of diffusion. Most of Tokes would love the recycler design, you knwo this process can be repeated multiple times before you ultimately inhale for top-notch dabs!

    The glass bong elevates your dabbing experience to a higher level with advanced filtration! This scientific dab rig features two chambers for filtration, the cylinder shape glass on the bottom with two percolators: the large vertical honeycomb perc and the barrel perc. The first round of filtration via the barrel perc diffuses the smoke then the honeycomb perc will take over for the second round, with the dual chamber design the water traveling up to the cone shape glass will prevent water from spilling and providing you the smoothest smoking experience! 

    This recycler rig can also be used to smoke dry herbs! Simply remove the dab nail and replace it with a 4mm dry herb bowl, and enjoy!

Item specifics

What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
14mm female joint
23 cm,9 inch
Net Weight:
280 g,10 oz
Base Width:
7.8 cm,3.1 inch
Glass Thickness:

Reviews (9)

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Great seller, super speedy shipping. Don’t care for the function of the piece myself but it is blown correctly and my perception of the functionality isn’t a reflection on the seller. Don’t hesitate to purchase from this seller.
Received and the piece looks great.
Came in quickly and didn’t have any cracks
Its the best one so far never had one that hit so smooth
satisfied with everything!!! Thank seller! I will order more!!!
Super impressed with the shipment of the item. Only took a month and they packed beyond well
Totally satisfied with my order. Glass was thick and works great, shipping time was ~2 weeks. Will be buying from here again.
very satisfied excellent bong quick post only 6 days thanks a lot defo well recommend.
Beautiful, very well made, high quality glass