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Are you looking for good birthday gifts for your friends? Do you want to spice up your shopping? Are you tired to decide which one to buy? Do you want to get the best bang for your buck? The MYSTERY BOX from WD420 Glass will resolve these problems for you! Every mystery box is selected carefully by our professional team, you're possible to get a different assortment of items every time. The items in the mystery box can vary from big bongs, recyclers, cool dab rigs, mini bongs, silicone bongs, glow in the dark bongs, nectar collectors, hand pipes, grinders and accessories. You might receive an amazing dab rig and cute banger needed to dab or an awesome big bong and grinder needed to have a party. We provide options for you to choose products for flower or concentrate. There are three price options for your to choose the mystery box. If you only want to try it for the first time, maybe you can try our $29.99 box. If you want to get more suprises, please try our $49.99. If you want the best bang for your buck,  Please go all out with the $149.99 group of items definitly! We can not promise which products you will receive, but we can promise this box will be so worth the money for sure!!! Disclaimer: items cannot be swapped. Damaged items may be returned but there is no guarantee you receive the same exact piece.

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Recent Reviews ( 7 )
Content. Got a dab rig and pipe. Though I would’ve liked a bowl for flower. In the description it says you can choose between the two but then there’s no option.
Worth it!
Packaging arrived just now, I received one recycler rig and one grinder. Very satisfied
Very satisfied!!!!
Received a pink recycler and a pipe, very satisfied for the price and quality. Thank you.
Worth for the money.
I received a beautiful bong for only $25!!! Thank u so much, everything was perfect will be back!