• 12 Inch Glass Recycler Bong

12 Inch Chandelier Glass Recycler Dab Rig Octopus Bong W/ Matrix Perc

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  • 12 Inch Chandelier Glass Recycler Dab Rig Octopus Bong

    This chandelier recycler dab rig features a stunning and unique design you won't find on any other bongs. This 12 inch glass recycler bong is made from clear scientific glass and features  eight separate arms that filter and recycle your smoke or vapor. At the thick glass flared bottom of this glass recycler rig the diffusion process and pushes your vapor up through the eight arms into the recycling chamber. Your vapor and water are then looped back up and down through the recycler rig to cool down your vapor for more pleasant dabs. The benefit of using a multi recyclers with so many different chambers is that it increases the surface area of your vapor and puts it in contact with more water to help further cool it down. This glass bong features a bent neck that acts as a splash guard but also makes for a more comfortable dabbing session. 

What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
14mm female joint
30 cm,11.8 inch
Net Weight:
700g,24.7 oz
Base Width:
9.5 cm,3.7 inch
Recent Reviews ( 23 )
Product was exactly how it was online and in reviews. everything works thank you much.
fast shipping, good quality
Awesome thanks so much just like pictures!!
Very satisfied
Really good seller, quick delivery.
amazing piece. came here faster than ever. perfect function. bigger than I expected but that is not an issue at all. 10/10 this piece is for my personal collection but if anything ever were to happen to it. definitely would buy again.
Item was exactly as described. Would recommend this best bong
Love this best bong!
one of my favorite pieces so far
Wonderful product. it looks and works great.
This piece is so good!!!
It fits well with my own banger! !Product came early well packaged and wasnt broke or cracked in any way very pleased.
great condition. best piece I've ever owned
It's amazing! This thing chugs perfectly! probably would be like 200 at a local shop! it's thick with nice craftsmanship. 10/10 my friend!
The product is IMPECCABLE. very well built with nice thick glass everywhere, easily worth the price. I don't post positive reviews but the quality of the product, the amazing packaging (triple layers of bubble wrap) the super fast delivery!!!! this is a go to, if you have a need for these products do not look anywhere else
Overall, I do recommend this bong at this really great price point. ($73 usd at time of purchase) It truly is a steal. I just got mine today after anxiously waiting a little over 2 weeks. I have a pretty minor complaint that was not big enough to drop a star. When I initially bought this I am pretty sure I read it came with a bowl and a banger. It did come with a bowl but not a banger, but at the price I wasn't expecting it to be amazing. I am looking now and do not see a banger listed anymore. It is possible I read it on another bong and got it confused or just simply misread it on this bong, or I did read it and they have since updated their product info to correctly not include a banger either way not even close to a deal breaker, probably my error but who knows. I initially thought it was poor connections on the arms to main chamber as some seemed bent and not straight out as I thought they would be, however, I realized that they all did that and I think it was for the water flow by promoting a spiral in the chamber for quicker drainage. Also, one little detail I'll mention. The youtuber that made me want this bong when he opened it, said that it had a spacer on it and can take 18 or 14mm male slides or bangers. However, it is actually just a 14mm as the description correctly read. The spacer he thought he saw was just a design of the bong for looks, and in his defense it really does look like a spacer, I tried several times to pull it out before realizing It. I didn't reef on it when I tried to pull it off but I did give it a firm pull and it seemed durable there, but I was not interested in breaking the new bong so I was careful. haha. Now, lets talk about why it got 5 stars. Amazing Perc with arms and matrix, and if you don't have too much water you will NOT get anything in your mouth because it recycles so well and has a very pleasing funnel as it drains back into main water chamber. Not to mention it holds a lot of water that gets used to full effect. It is pretty thick glass but I would guess you don't want to drop it on any of the arms as they seem like a structural weak point but a very strong functionality point, so be careful. The draw on it is very satisfying and because I have weaker lung capacity I worried it may be too big, but it is really perfect for my draw and was really happy there. Overall, very cool and fun piece and my 1st dab on it was a "happy place" dab if you know what I mean. Highly recommend especially for this really low price because it is a steal. You have to buy it because you'll simply be losing money by not having it so you have to have it so you don't lose money on that deal.
Thank you very much for your careful feedback on our products, we are very happy to serve you. Looking forward to your next purchase!
By wd420glass-Cherry Monday, 16 August 2021
It's very solid. I added an ash catcher for use with flower material to help keep this clean. With non-flower material ash catcher can be eliminated. The workmanship and thickness of the glass would indicate that this will last a long time. And for the best part, it's fun to use. Fantastic transaction, seller was top notch in understanding all communications..
Fast delivery and dispatch, packaged very well. well done seller!