Bongs, also sometimes referred to as water pipes, have been used for more than 2000 years. They are cooler, smoother, more refreshing, and easier to filter smoke than using a dry piece.


Bongs and water pipes are an ideal choice for dry herb consumption. The major functions of bongs are to remove toxins and cool down the smoke to a comfortable temperature by water filtration and diffusion before inhalation. Smoke passes through the water and percolators, which provides a smoother and purer hit at the cost of some drag.


Bongs can come in a variety of materials like silicone, wood and glass. Glass water pipes are easiest to clean among all because they can be partially dismantled, and they also provide excellent filtration due to various percolators. If you are on a tight budget and want a more durable water pipe, silicone bong is also a great choice. Check out our amazingly clear glassbong and unbreakable silicone bong.


Percolators makes the major difference in choosing a bong. They provide filtration and diffusion by breaking up the smoke into tiny bubbles and force more smoke's surface area to be cooled by water. There are various percs, such as fixed percs like honeycomb perc, or a removable downstem. However, the more intricate your piece is, such as the fab egg, the harder to clean. Extra features like ice catches and splash guards can make your smoking more enjoyable.


Make sure what the joint of your bong is when choosing smoking accessories. Often bongs are made with 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm joint sizes. Most beakers have 45º fittings, while many straight tubes and inline perc pieces will have a 90º joint angle. All these aspects will be considered when buying parts like glass bowls or accessories like ash-catchers.


The shape of your bong can also contribute to the type of toking experience you prefer. Straight tube bongs are a tried and true classic water pipe design that is simple and usually has a fixed or removable downstem perc. These generally have a wider base to balance out the skinny body design. Beakerbongs are crafted with a wide, triangular base that can support more water volume and hold more smoke. This wider design allows for more creative percs and functionality as well.


Size matters when talking about flavors. Bigger the size, more smoke the chamber can contain, stronger the potency. But the trade off is portability. We here offer a selection of different sizes at WD420Glass, so You can use a big bong at home or get a Mini Bong to use on the go.


Many of these water pipes can be used with quartz nails and other smoking accessories. Add an ash catcher for an extra level of smoothness! Shop our large collection of bongs for sale, we carry something for everyone and every budget.

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