• 16 Inch Blue Bubble Water Pipes Double Tree Perc Big Heady Glass Bongs

16 Inch Blue Bubble Water Pipes Double Tree Perc Big Heady Glass Bongs W/ Ice Catcher

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  • 16 Inch Blue Bubble Water Pipes Double Tree Perc Big Heady Glass Bongs

    This huge glass bong includes double 4-arm tree percolator inside to diffuse the smoke. the tree perc offers many different branches with tiny slats, you’re likely to get hundreds of tiny bubbles with a properly functioning tree percolator. Expect clean hits with a pipe that uses a tree perc; the harshness of smoke may not hit you as hard, but you may end up missing out on some of your flower or concentrate’s natural flavors. We recommend the tree perc to smokers who prefer a utilitarian approach to their smoking seshes, and are looking for a way to get hit after successful hit without having to worry about the taste of their hit. It’s also great for beginner smokers who have strong lung capabilities but still want to avoid the dreaded smoker’s cough.

    This cool Big Bong will be your daily driver in no time. It features double bubble base for bigger space and a standout appearance. The double bubble base style bottom makes this unique bong extremely popular among stoners. The ice catchers (ice pinchs) as a way to cool down your smoke. This water pipe just approves of it before smoke reach your lungs to give you an even cooler and better smoking experience provided by such a best big bong.

    This perc bong is made with heady glass at 16 inch tall,  abd available in two colors green and blue.

What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl,1x Diffused Downstem
18mm female joint
42cm,16.5 inch
Net Weight:
Base Width:
9cm,3.5 inch
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Great price Grreat quality
good quality, very satisfied
fast shipping
Is the bowl peice a 14mm
By Liv Friday, 09 December 2022
looks good !This piece is amazing and you cannot beat it for the price. The shipping takes a little while, though mine came over a month before the estimated shipping date
The glass is a little thin, but packaging was pristine!
One of my favorite!
It’s a very nice bong I love it!!
It’s so smooth .The glass isn’t thin either so I’m very satisfied.
a very nice collectible design it works great but to pretty to use.
amazing glass and good size fits perfectly in a backpack and percs really well
Very good and happy with my item.