Big Bongs & Huge Bongs

As you know, Big Bongs & Huge Bongs are a wonderful way to produce massive,filtered hits which allows for a much more intense high than your average bongs.big bongs are also perfect for centerpieces or as a collection item. They are less prone to breaking as compared to Small Bongs and tend to provide a better grip for handling as to a Mini Bongs.If you want a Bong that stands out and gives you an amazing experience every time, the big pieces are ideal for your needs.

Why Advanced Tokers Love Big Bongs Or Huge Bongs

Mammoth Hits - Big bongs provide lots of space to store up a big hit, Hitting with a big one may be the perfect way to get your smoking to the next level.

Smoother Hits - Huge Bongs have more space for percolations what make your smoking experience much more comfortable,and you'll get massive hits but without the coughing fits.

Durability - Most of large bongs are made with thick glass even at 9 mm Thickness and therefore the pieces are tough will last longer more. 

Easy Use & Clean - In a big bong, a built-in downstem make it easier to use the piece and a removable downstem makes it easier to clean and cheap to replace.

Where Is The Best Place To Shop Cheap Big Bongs

Generally, large & tall bongs are more expensive due to thicker glass needed to be used, therefore, making it difficult to find cheap big bongs that are actually worth the quality and value. If you want the King Kong of Glass Bongs at a ridiculously low price, you’re sure to find the perfect monster that meets your needs here.WD420 Glass does a wonderful job at providing the best selections for the best affordable prices without sacrificing any benefits on your end. Big cheap bongs don't always have to mean low or poor qualities.Take a look at our dead simple straight tube big bongs for sale,these allow you to get a huge chamber of smoke without dropping a small fortune on glassware.Of course, as soon as you see our top class big water pipes, you’ll probably be wanting to spend a few extra dollars. 

Which Big Bongs Should I Take? 

Huge bongs or big bongs tend to come in two varieties; jam-packed with features or dead simple straight tube bongs. While adding lots of accessories is a great way to make use of the extra space, every intricacy drives the cost of the bong up and makes cleaning it that much more difficult.If you're looking to take a monster hit but aren’t looking for some massive rig full of percolators and ash catchers

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