• 8 Inch Glass Beaker Bong Recycler Dab Rig Purple Green Sidecar Bubbler Water Pipe

8 Inch Glass Beaker Bong Recycler Dab Rig Purple Green Sidecar Bubbler Water Pipe

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  • The unique shape of the glass bongs will definitely catch your eyes with its long and thin tubes which outstretched in mysterious angles. You will see a nice picture once you lit the cannabis or wax on the bowl of the glass bong. The smoke produced in the glass bong will disperse through those thin tubes from all directions with slow movement into the air when you inhale. The main tube of the mini dab rig is designed to have a long passage for the smoke to travel into your lungs so that the temperature will be greatly reduced as long as the main tube of the best bongs is made of lead-free glass.

    The tiny tubes on the external surface of the mini dab rig have smaller mouthpieces which makes the speed of smoke faster than big holes in the tiny tubes.

    There is no need to worry about the stability of the mini dab rig since the glass base is as firm as a diamond with a large dimension.  

    The mouthpiece connecting the main tube of this water pipe is the same size as holes on tiny tubes. You can simply cover the hole with your mouth.

    This recycler bong is available in green and purple.

What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
milk green,milk purple
14mm female joint
20cm,7.8 inch
Net Weight:
Glass Thickness:
Base Width:
7.5 cm,3 inch
Glass Width:
18cm,7 inch
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Really Nice rig for the price! Nice funktion.
Absolutely incredible piece.Way higher quality than I expected.I would 1,000% recommend buying this product!