Mini Dab Rigs & Portable Dab Rigs

Dabbing is a recent innovation, but how fucked up it gets you is timeless. Dab rigs are similar to bongs in that they both utilize water filtration, but a rig has several distinct features that make it unique for dabbing.The first is the recycler function, which is almost totally exclusive to dab rigs. This means that the glass rig has two chambers through which the water within alternates, allowing the smoke and vapor to be constantly cooled by water.

Usually on dab rigs you will not find as many complex or overly complicated percolation systems. This is because more percolation means more filtration-- which is not ideal with dabbing, because it attenuates the very delicate flavor profile. The other reason dab rigs sometimes do not contain a lot of percolation systems is because it simply makes the rig bigger. 

When it comes to getting the full taste from your oil rigs, air is not your friend. If you've gotten used to dabbing on large, full-sized and complex rigs in the past, the experience you will get from a mini rig will be very different. This is because terpenes, the taste and flavor behind waxes, begin to degrade when they come into contact with air. So larger rigs actually give you less flavor than you probably expect and you've never even known!

Above all,why Mini Dab Rigs Less air = more flavor. Abandon nothing and elevate the common session with an WD420 Glass Portable Dab Rig.

Also known as glass oil rigs or mini bubblers, these micro dab rigs resemble the water-based devices you are likely familiar with when enjoying your favorite concentrates, oils, extracts, or waxes. The most compact and efficient portable dab rig on the market! Unique to WD420 GLASS, these small rigs are designed to be both compact for discretion, portability and also to maximize the flavor profiles from your concentrated materials.

Choose from our collection of highly-rated best mini dab rigs or if you can’t decide on just one dab rig, get the deal’s pack! Each of our dab rigs provides a unique function, as well as, a few advanced features developed by WD420 Glass, packed into a compact, yet classic shape. Choose from the Mini Dab Rig under $50 which was inspired by the classic “Fab-Egg” to the Tornado Klein Recycler Dab Rig or maybe the Lava Lamp Dab Rig is your favorite style. Let our cheap dab rigs for sale take you for a ride!

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