Best Cheap Bong Pink Portable Dab Rig Heady Glass Water Pipe W/ Matrix Perc

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WD420 Glass

Best Cheap Bong Pink Portable Dab Rig Heady Glass Water Pipe

This series of the cheap bong has four colors: pink, purple, green and blue. There is a splash guard which can prevent water splashing above the showerhead percolator. The mouthpieces of the portable dab rig is flared and polished, which makes it easier for your mouth to be fully covered so that no smoke will leak out. The bent neck is shaped into a right angle which set you free from bending your head down to inhale cannabis with the mini bongs.

Apart from high chamber in most cheap bongs under $50, the mini dab rigs have medium sized main tube which provides perfect proportioned space for the showerhead percolator. As you can see the from outside of the water pipe, the showerhead perc work smoothly with each other, making a better percolation possible. The sturdy glass base is two times bigger than the flared mouthpiece and the chamber, which gives your water pipe more concrete and firm support in tough situations.

This is one of the best percolator bongs for your choice.

Item specifics

What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
20cm,7.8 inch
18mm female joint
Net Weight:
Diffused Downstem,Ice pinches

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i loved my cheap glass piece till today i hit it with my butane can an she broke sad day in the world