Cool Cheap Glow In The Dark Mini Bongs Painted Mushroom Straight Tube Dab Rigs

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WD420 Glass

Cool Cheap Glow In The Dark Mini Bongs Painted Mushroom Straight Tube Dab Rigs

The glow in the dark mushroom hand-painted on the small bong gives you a refreshed impression. What’s more, the pattern was made of materials that can glow in the dark. At night, the glowing light from the portable dab rig gives you another reason to love it as you take it out from your drawer at a dark room.

The straight shooter bong with red color mouthpiece is tightly connected to a heavy round base to make sure it can stand more stable. The edge of the mouthpiece is carefully polished to prevent any unhappy feelings when your mouth touches the glass. The straight percolator also helps you to have a better filtration for your cool bongs.

There are ice pinches(namely ice catchers) on the straight tube, so it can also work as an ice bong. The temperature of the smoke will be rapidly reduced when you put some small ice cubes inside the ice pinches. The continuous absorption of heat from the filtered smoke provides you a better smoking experience when it comes to cool smoke.

Besides, WD420 Glass select this mini dab rig to give all customers a discount. As you may know we always offer some perfect curation of cheap bongs for sale as rewards for users.  

Item specifics

What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl,1x downstem
18mm female joint
Net Weight:
Diffused Downstem,Ice pinches