Ice Catcher Bong & Water Pipe

WD420 Glass have got ice pinchs and ice catchers for long days...

Some glass water pipe and weed bong designs include indents on either side of the neck, usually midway up the neck or near the bottom. The purpose of the indents is to act as an ice catcher, or ice pinch. These indents are a crucial element to the bong design for tokers who prefer ultra-cooled hits from their water pipes.

The ice pinch prevents ice from falling into the base of the water pipe, which can make it melt too quickly. Dropping ice cubes onto a percolator can also damage the delicate glass workings of your piece! If you want to combine percs with ice, you definitely need a water pipe with an ice pinch. The purpose of the ice is to cool the smoke before inhalation. Cool water in the base can achieve cooler hits, but some users find that ice in the neck cools it even further. When using ice in your water bong, experiment with different amounts of ice to find the right amount for you. Some users only need a few extra cubes, while others will fill the entire neck.

When the smoke interacts with the ice, it may produce a small amount of vapor. Some users worry that inhaling vapor is dangerous, and thus won’t use ice. Users who suffer from bronchitis may want to avoid ice bong to prevent further damage. However, water from the bottom of a bong (Usally beaker bongs) will also create vapor when mixed with smoke, so it’s hard to say what the long-term effects are from smoking with just water versus water and ice.

For all users' preference over whether or not to use ice, if you decide you would like to experiment with ice, make sure you pick up a glass bong with an ice catcher, as not all designs include them.

Why Do You Put Ice In A Bong?

Yeah, you don’t have to put ice in a bong. But it really helps.

Putting ice in your water bong takes your bong’s filtration process to the next level. When smoke flows through the body of the pipe, it will eventually hit the ice, cooling the smoke’s temperature down to an even more comfortable level. Even with a few ice cubes, the additional cooling power will have a noticeable impact on the smoke.

However, you should keep a close eye on the level of water in the water chamber. Because the ice will gradually melt, you should monitor how full the water chamber is, and empty it as you go.

4 Benefits of Ice Catchers

For tokers that want to bring their weed bong smoking experience to the next level, ice catchers offer plenty of benefits as below:
  • 1. Filters Smoke - First and most obviously, the ice catcher is designed to facilitate smoke filtration. While the ice catcher will not do this on its own, the ice it catches will. Adding ice to the equation will help you to enjoy filtered, cleaner and better-tasting hits.
  • 2. More Smoke - It’s no secret that many bong advocates enjoy taking massive bong rips, thanks to the fact that the smoke is filtered. Because ice further cools the smoke, ice catchers make inhaling huge amounts of smoke even easier.
  • 3. Doubles as Splash Guard - Nobody likes anticipating a nice, cool bong rip and accidentally getting a taste of bong water along with the smoke. In fact, bong water splashback turns some people off from water pipes altogether. Ice catchers prevent this from ever happening by acting as a splash guard. With the ice catcher positioned above the water chamber, you can enjoy the cool smoke without ever worrying about the splachback problem.

4. Awesome Visual Feature - In the bong world, scientific glass is in. High-grade clear glass that allows the smoker to watch as the smoke is filtered has become very popular. Ice catchers carry in the tradition of this scientific look, and bring your water pipe’s design to a higher level.

Best Bong With  Ice Catchers For Sale 

If you’re choosing to smoke from a bong, you may as well have the best possible experience. Our online headshop carries plenty of options for ice catcher bongs, and we’re committed to pairing you up with the piece of your dreams. Check out our perfect selection, and enjoy your cool smoke!

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