Cheap Glow In The Dark Spinning Ball Glass Bubble Bongs Showerhead Mini Dab Rigs

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WD420 Glass

Cheap Glow In The Dark Spinning Ball Glass Bubble Bongs Showerhead Mini Dab Rigs 

Look into our sick new glow in the dark Spinning Ball Bong! The crystal ball spin and delivera wish.... That wish is a smooth hit that will definitely make you feel supernatural. 

It features a glow in the dark glass material that spins freely. The curved U-shape neck that acts as a natural splash guard, and a multi reinforced slitted showerhead perc for added durability.      The classic showerhead perc adds filtration before your inhalation which prevents the nasty waste water splashing into your mouth.This mini dab rig is as enjoyable to smoke out of as it is to look at. 

The crystalized ball on the glass bong can glow in the dark thanks to its unique material. If you put the glass bong in a dark place, you will see a nice glowing ball. I'm sure you will certainly be amazed by the mini glass bong.

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Item specifics

What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
milk green,milk purple
14mm female joint
18cm,7.2 inch
Net Weight:
Glass Thickness:
Base Width:
6.5cm, 2.5inch

Reviews (2)

Recent Reviews ( 2 )
Arrived quickly. The glow ball charges very easily with either color. It glows very bright! the green bong glows green and the purple bong glows blue. i really like the matching slides on the bowls. The ball is not a perc, it just sits in between the glass above and below it. The majority of them spinned easily. I am happy with purchase, good product and good seller.
Roughly 3 weeks shipping, but was very well packaged and looks great. It came with the bowl rather than the bucket, if anyone was curious about that. Would recommend.
Bro, post a high resolution pic,,,,
By Kim Jun Euel Monday, 09 August 2021