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Best Cheap Mobius Sidecar Bubbler Bongs Clear Glass Matrix Perc Oil Dab Rigs

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Best Cheap Mobius Sidecar Bubbler Bongs Clear Glass Matrix Perc Oil Dab Rigs

The 8 Inch Classic Sidecar Bubbler implements a multi-layered matrix perc at the bottom of the chamber, producing 360 degrees of evenly distributed smoke diffusion and water filtration. This bubbler is ideal for those looking for a compact and sturdy Glass bongs that are easily cleaned ,transported and stored. It also features a reinforced sidecar bong neck to help prevent water from reaching the mouthpiece.The side neck provides a comfortable angle for smoking and also prevents any nasty bong water from reaching your mouth through the bottom of the best dab rig.

This matrix perc bong is a nice bubbler that stands 8.6 inches tall. The chamber combined with the short stem give it plenty of room for lung-busting hits. It's a breeze to clean and its simple design is rock solid. Made from 5mm borosilicate throughout, the thick and heavy 3 inch base of the perc dab rig keeps it anchored to your table when not in use. There are also a number of additional upgrades and accessories available for the bubbler which can be added to your purchase using the product options. These include various styles of bowl pieces, dab nails and downstems. More information about converting between "dry" and "concentrate" use can be found in our blog.

This sidecar water pipe is intended for tobacco and other legal herb only. It pulls more than its own weight to bring you big and tasty hits. This could easily become your daily hitter thanks to its powerful rips and minimal maintenance. Go as hard as you like on this dependable piece with no splash-back, courtesy of the sidecar mouthpiece.

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What's Included:
a bong,a bowl
18mm female joint
22cm,8.7 inch
Net Weight:
Glass Thickness:
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What an amazing bubbler bong of art, awesome quality thick glass
Thank you so much Popular Glass!! Shipping was amazing, took about 2 weeks to get to FL. Very well packaged
it's a good thing it is absolutely 100% quality with 0 imperfections from what I see so far and it is a straight stacker
My new favorite piece. Have used it a few times now and if hits super smooth.Thank you!