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Chandelier Glass Recycler Bong

Chandelier Glass Recycler Bong

  • Wednesday, 24 November 2021
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WD420 Glass has established a community of smoking collectors over the years. As an online head store, we have a deep love and respect for pioneer smokers, combining science and technology to create an unparalleled smoking experience.

 In order to provide customers a great smoking experience, we have displayed the 12 inch chandelier glass recycler dab rig octopus bong w/ matrix perc. The chandelier bong has received high evaluation from our customers since it was on sale. The piece is really worth a shot. If you are interested in the octopus bong, you should read the blog carefully. Through the blog, you will learn more about the advantages and the functionality of the bong.


Brief Introduction:

Appearance: This chandelier recycler dab rig features a stunning and unique design you won't find on any other bongs. This glass bong features a bent neck that acts as a splash guard but also makes for a more comfortable dabbing session. Standing 12 inches tall, the bong features a 14mm female joint.

Material: In order to keep stability and high quality, the octopus bong is made from 4mm thick heady boro glass.

Percolator & Function: The octopus dab rig features eight separate arms that filter and recycle your smoke or vapor. At the thick glass flared bottom of this glass recycler rig the diffusion process and pushes your vapor up through the eight arms into the recycling chamber. Your vapor and water are then looped back up and down through the recycler rig to cool down your vapor for more pleasant dabs.

Benefit: The benefit of using a multi recyclers with so many different chambers is that it increases the surface area of your vapor and puts it in contact with more water to help further cool it down.


More Details: ( as the following picture)


1. Competitive Price

This is a pretty perfect bong. The bong not only has a stunning and unique design, but also has powerful filtering. Maybe you will think that such a cool bong will be extremely expansive. However, it has a cheap price. We do recommend this bong at this really great price point. (only $88.99 USD) It truly is a steal. You have to buy it because you will simply be losing money by not having it so you have to have it so you do not lose money on that deal.


2. Matrix Percolator

The chandelier recycler dab rig has a matrix percolator inside the chamber. Designing such a matrix perc inside the chamber has many advantages. The matrix Percs honestly have more of a stylish appeal rather than a functional one because the way it works it doesnt filter the smoke as efficiently as a disc perc by itself or a showerhead perc by itself. This is due to the fact that the top holes dont have as much resistance so the lower holes wont bring enough smoke in.

Matrix Percs are the kind of perc you wanna pair with another perc, that way you still get the best filtration which is the ultimate goal, but either way, you wont be disappointed with it once you try it!


3. Unique Design

The bong is not poor connections on the arms to main chamber as some seemed bent and not straight out as I thought they would be, however, it is for the water flow by promoting a spiral in the chamber for quicker drainage.

4. Eight Arms Recycler

The eight arms recyclers is one of the biggest highlight of the bong. Amazing Perc with arms and matrix, and if you don't have too much water you will NOT get anything in your mouth because it recycles so well and has a very pleasing funnel as it drains back into main water chamber. Not to mention it holds a lot of water that gets used to full effect. It is pretty thick glass but I would guess you don't want to drop it on any of the arms as they seem like a structural weak point but a very strong functionality point, so be careful. Such a 8 arms recycler bong is really worth a shot.

Customer’s evaluation: ( see the following picture)

If you have any question or idea about such a 8 arms recycler chandelier glass bong, please share your idea in our comment section. We have more special and high quality bongs that you are going to love. More details, please contact us at wd420glass

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