• 14 Inch Double Matrix Perc Clear Glass Tall Bong Straight Tube Water Pipe

14 Inch Double Matrix Perc Clear Glass Tall Bong Straight Tube Water Pipe

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  • 14 Inch Double Matrix Perc Clear Glass Tall Bong Straight Tube Water Pipe

    The big bong gives you the ideal hit during every smoking session with a double stereo matrix percolator for excellent filtration and an awesome scientific design of the straight bong. This glass water pipe will offer plenty of filtration and great-tasting hits. As the smoke flows from the bowl through the piece, it will pass into the water chamber of the water pipe. The water inside the glass bong has a cooling effect, removing the smoke’s harsh taste. Then the smoke will pass through the double matrix percolator of water pipe. The dual matrix percs of the tall bongs play a major role in providing smooth hits. Finally, the smoke will make contact with the ice catcher. This pinched will keep ice elevated, cooling the smoke down to an even more comfortable temperature for the Double Matrix Perc Glass Bong. The pinch bowl makes bowl removal simple, easy and convenient. The price is also affordable. If you are looking for a cheap bong to get started, please choose this cheap bong.

What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
36cm,14 inch
18mm female joint,14cm/5.5'' height
Base Width:
Net Weight:
Recent Reviews ( 7 )
Good quality
It's dope as hell I love it!
Arrived very quickly, about 11 days.Hits great. The water does flow back up the stem when you let off the draw, so be sure to pull the bowl out.Overall quite happy.
I got this before the pandemic and I am so glad I did. This bong is fantastic, especially at the price I got for before. Very smooth, very powerful. Greetings from Champaign
Good glass smooth hit sits just like the picture happy with it just takes a little bit longer to get here than some of the others I have ordered
seriously beautiful piece of glass; perc is symmetrical and shiny, high end glass quality. very thick, save for the base which is a few mm thinner. the function is also next to flawless. the only grievance i have is that is barely splashes when you pull the bowl to clear it. it was packaged in enough bubble wrap to survive a nuclear explosion, came in one piece with no scratches or cracks. and for the price? seriously?!?! i am astounded. 10/10 i have never been more satisfied from a purchase on here. rare I give a raving review, but this earned it
Great quality and function, glass is thick and has a large opening without being too much volume. Would totally purchase again and recommend.