• Oil Heating Semi Automatic Cartridge Filter With Mini Enail

Oil Heating Semi Automatic G9 Carts Filler With Mini Enail

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Oil Heating Semi Automatic G9 Carts Filler With Mini Enail 

Do you have any troubles in accurately filling your vape cartridges? Do you spend most of your day pipetting? Maybe you are just fed up with the finicky act of heating your oil to the exact temperature. Whatever cartridge- filling problems you are facing, the semi automatic G9 carts filler can make the job done. 

The portable G9 cart filler has revolutionized the way you heat your oil. Overheating is a thing of the past. There will never be a risk of burning from contact with the heating coil. The semi automatic control mechanism allows you to make each second count by rapidly injecting your vape cartridges with the precise measure of liquid. 

What's Includes:

1 x Filling gun0.5/0.8ml ----25/50ml                                       

1 x Temp controller                                                       

1 x Heat cord 

1 x Power cord                                                         

4 x Lure lock needles                                               

1 x User manual                                                                   

1 x Box                                                                   

1 x Sleeve


Precise temperature control

Accurately fill your cartridges

Maximize your efficiency

Cord :
Heat cord ,Power cord
What's Include:
1 x Filling Gun , 1 x Temp controller , 1 x User Manual , 1 x Box , 4 x Lure lock needles
Precise temperature control ,accurately fill your cart ,Maximize your efficiency
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